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Ice Castle Was Formed to work with the Streaming Applications for the Content Creators In 2020. Targeting Vision India By P.M Modi.

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We do it a little differently here.

A disclaimer: If you’re looking for an agency that asks for testimonials, photos, “Managed by Influencer’s Hub” in your bio, or autographs for that friend who is a big fan. We’re not that and never will be.

A B2B or B2C brand of any quality needs direction and planning be that from a corporate or consumer perspective.

We at Mumbai to understand what it’s like to be behind a brand and the vision required to see the bigger picture.

Having extensive experience developing and executing re-rebrands, perception change campaigns and internal and external positioning strategies, we can help you craft a strategy with the aim of delivering your business objectives as well as help build brand equity.

Content Creators

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We create efficient Influencer Marketing and Communication concepts for our clients, Incorporating media and multi-channel consultancy. Need to fuel your marketing efforts with User-generated content (UGC) or Influencer generated content (IGC)? Want to grow an engaged audience and need help with your community management? Let’s talk.


Our full-service platform is the most efficient solution for influencer marketing in the Business. Our automated systems and experienced campaign team take care of all the tedious work of selecting influencers, emailing, campaign execution, payment handling, and reporting while you stay in control of the things that matter to you: brand safety, creative direction, and reaching your campaign goals.

Our intelligent platform and efficient processes enable us to keep overhead costs low and deliver the best possible ROI to our clients.